Lockheed Martin - F35 Strike Fighter Spectacular Carroll Trust Story - BAE Systems Fraud Scandal

The Carroll Foundation Trust Criminal Case - Largest Organised Criminal Conspiracy and Corruption Case - $ One Billion Dollars
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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Lockheed Martin - Explosive Billion Dollar Money Laundering Dummy Corporations Files - Carroll Trust Story - BAE Systems Farnborough HQ Fraud Bribery Scandal

The sensational Carroll Foundation Trust and parallel Carroll Maryland Trust billion dollars offshore tax evasion fraud scandal which is now encircling 10 Downing Street and the Conservative Party has disclosed that the pivotal compelling criminal evidential FBI Scotland Yard prosecution files centre around the fraudulent incorporation of a starling litany of UK Companies House registered BAE Systems Farnborough Aerospace Corporation Ltd. and Carroll Aircraft Corporation Ltd. dummy structures which effectively impulsed this massive tax fraud heist operation which stretches the globe over a staggering sixteen years in this case of international importance.

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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Lockheed Martin - Merger Acquisition Explosive HM Ministry of Defence Files - Carroll Trust Story - BAE Systems Farnborough HQ Fraud Bribery Scandal

MI6 SIS Secret Intelligence Service
Carroll Aircraft Corporation Plc.
US HM Crown Gerald Carroll Trust

In a stunning twist it has emerged that the board of directors of the Carroll Aircraft Corporation Plc included high level Ministry of Defence civil servants. The sudden death of one of these officials who was a former MOD Permanent Secretary is understood to be now fueling speculation in Westminster that his death was actually a planned cold blooded murder in an attempt to cover up the sensational billion dollar criminal liquidation of the Carroll Global Corporation.

The Carroll Aircraft's interests are understood to have embraced over two hundred and fifty million dollars of military-industrial complex investment holdings on a world wide basis including aviation assets which are thought to have involved a full spectrum of civilian/military jets and helicopters. In a sensational further revelation it has emerged that HSBC Holdings Plc were one of the main banking institutions for the Carroll Global Corporation Group which ultimately fell victim of this massive fraud over a number of years which saw the virtual vaporisation of one of the Ministry of Defence's primary external operating contractors known at the time of these shocking events as the Farnborough Aerospace Development Corporation Plc and the Carroll Aircraft Corporation Plc group structures.

Further sources have revealed that the FBI Washington DC field office have recently obtained Carroll Aircraft case files which are understood to contain a startling litany of forged and falsified Delaware registered Farnborough Aerospace Development Corporation Plc and the Carroll Aircraft Corporation Plc dummy shell corporations directly linked to fraudulent HSBC International offshore numbered bank accounts incorporated in the Bahamas Gibraltar and the City of London.

It has also been disclosed that this billion dollar scandal is closely connected to the co-ordinated break-ins burglaries and seizure offences that were targeted at the Carroll Foundation's multi-million dollar Eaton Square Belgravia penthouse and Westminster residences over a staggering three year period. The trust's legal advisors are believed to have attended a range of meetings with Mark Field MP Scotland Yard and the Kent Police Service surrounding the complete theft the entire contents of the Belgravia property which Kent Police have now revealed were taken to Red Self Storage Dartford Kent Crown Recovery Dagenham Essex and Alban Shipping Luton Bedfordshire now classified as the high value crime scene locations.

WikiSpooks Article: by "Trowbridge H Ford" U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps agent (Rtrd.).

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